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Vandevi - Mata ni Pachedi - 42 Inch W * 80 Inch H

Vandevi - Mata ni Pachedi - 42 Inch W * 80 Inch H

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Size: 42 Inch W * 80 Inch H

Vandevi, the ethereal deity of the woods. Behold how the artist has captured her sheer delight as she strolls through her splendid creation, a majestic forest. The canvas comes alive with a kaleidoscope of vivid tones, paying homage to the magnificence of nature and the world around us. This exquisite masterpiece serves as a tender nudge, urging us to rekindle our bond with the woodland realm and lament the fading splendor of its untouched allure.


  • For size refer to painting description.
  • Mata ni Pacchedi paintings are hand-painted and naturally dyed and one-of-a-kind.
  • The colors and shapes may differ slightly from the digital images provided.
  • For your convenience, we will ship the paintings in a folded form without frames.
  • The product is non-returnable
  • If you are interested in this piece, you can request a video of the products to make an informed choice. 
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