Collection: Pokhran, Rajasthan

Pokhran Pottery

The desert state of Rajasthan in India has been a historic site of many upheavals and turmoils. These golden sands have witnessed the unfolding of many a saga; at every meandering turn of its sunkissed soil exists a colourful and magical story. These are stories of rich artistic traditions that took root from its soil and then got passed on from generation to generation.

The village of Pokhran, located outside the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is the best known for the nuclear tests conducted in 1998. To a layperson, the word Pokhran conjures up images of India’s cutting edge defense prowess and technological might.

And yet Pokhran is home to a rich legacy of traditional crafts of India. The Pokhran Pottery tradition is known for its unique and distinctive aura. The clay here is sturdy, pinkish in colour unlike the deep red clay that is generally used for making pottery elsewhere. The pinkish colour gives a dreamy, exquisite and fairy tale like delicate look to products made by the Pokhran potters.

One of the highlights of the Pokhran clay is its strength. The process of making Pokhran pottery is quite complex and elaborate. Clay is refined in multiple stages in order to attain the perfect texture. Pokhran potters also make their own specialized furnace that is best suited to the texture and character of the pinkish Pokhran clay. Products are dried naturally in the sun.

The distinguishing feature of Pokhran pottery is the unique incise work that is done using readily available tools like blades, gears, small combs, metal pins, wooden sticks, etc. This intricate carving is the specialty of Pokhran pottery, giving the products that refined and sophisticated look. The innovative genius of these traditional craftspersons of India is evident in their choice of tools as they make use of whatever is lying around the use and is readily available to them. Sometimes, incise work is also combined with cutwork.

Pokhran potters are constantly adapting to the needs of the changing market by producing unique pottery products for the contemporary urban buyer. Apart from pots and Handis, they also produce a variety of kitchen utility items such as Surahis, Mortar & Pestle, Casserole, Dry Fruits Holder, Jars, etc.

These traditional potters of India also produce decorative items such as Diyas, Urli, Magic Lamps, Buddha Face, etc. Most of the products are multi-purpose and can be used both as a utility and decorative items. One of the unique features of Pokhran pottery is the embedding of various figures of birds and animals in the forms of products.

We at Prosperity bring to you an exquisitely handcrafted collection of Pokhran pottery. Move to the good old organic lifestyle by incorporating these Terracotta craft products into your daily lives. Each product is an emotion personified in clay. When you buy a product of Pokhran pottery, you support the local artists and craftspersons keep their craft alive. You also bring a slice of their lives and traditional legacy into the kitchen or corner of your home.