Collection: Mud Mirror / Lippan Art

The traditional art of Mud & Mirror relief work forms an integral part of the interior design of Bhunga, a locally designed housing structure in the Greater Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The mud used for this craft is made from clay that is readily available in the Great Rann of Kutch. To achieve a smooth consistency, the clay is pounded and sifted through a sieve, and additional ingredients are added to prevent cracking. These additional components consist of fine fibers obtained from donkey dung or saw dust, which are mixed with the mud and kneaded with water until the desired pattern is achieved. The resulting mixture is then rolled into tread like forms using the palms and firmly pressed onto walls or wooden plaques that have been moistened with water. Remarkably, the artisans who create these masterpieces do not rely on any visual markings or drawings to guide their mud relief work.

Lippan Art

Various communities in Kachchh practice mud relief work, each with their own unique style. The Kutchi Rabari, Meghwal, and Mutwa communities utilize this craft to adorn their homes. The walls of houses as well as household items such as grain storage units, quilt-stands (Damachiyo), Utensil units are embellished with these exquisite designs. Common motifs include camels, peacocks, parrots, scorpions, village life, trees, flowering vines, hills, and temples. Mirrors of various shapes—round, square, and triangular—are incorporated abundantly into the artwork. The Rabaris believe that mirrors possess the power to ward off the malevolent effects of the evil eye, hence their inclusion in both mud relief work and embroidery.

The Meghwal community derives most of their designs and motifs from their own embroidery and stitching patterns, as well as geometric shapes and images of pheasants. 

On the other hand, the Mud Mirror work of the Mutwa community, also known as Lippan work, features thin lines and geometric Islamic forms, replicating their own ornaments and non-living objects. The motifs selected for their work are carefully chosen, as Islamic tradition forbids the depiction of living beings.

Prosperity brings a small collection of this beautiful craft to you all. Our Mud Mirror work is created using natural clay and locally sourced materials, with mirrors and glass embedded in mud on a plywood base.