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Krishna Leela Terracotta Mural ( Set of 15 tiles)

Krishna Leela Terracotta Mural ( Set of 15 tiles)

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Krishna Leela Terracotta Mural ( Set of 15 tiles) 

Size: 5 x 3 ft Total Mural ( Size may vary by an inch or two)  

Each tile is 1x1 ft. Total 15 tiles. You can set it as per your wall size. 

Lord Krishna's childhood brings not only joy but also inspires hope for a brighter future, even in the darkest of times. His birth signaled the end of an era ruled by an evil king - Kansa who was his uncle too. Krishna's playful antics with his friends reflect the divinity inherent in children, while his love for the Gopis and their love for him symbolize the profound bond between humanity and the divine.

With deep reverence for Lord Krishna, our skilled artisans have crafted Krishna Leela in clay, embodying this timeless theme.

Each piece is 100% handmade with locally sourced materials, ensuring authenticity and quality in every detail.



  1. The pricing is inclusive of shipping charges
  2. It will be shipped as 15 separate pieces, which can be framed. 
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