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Coin Necklace - Black

Coin Necklace - Black

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Coin Necklace - Black 

Adjustable fastening. 

Size: 17 cm 

Patwa is a thread craft which originated in Rajasthan and is now practised in parts of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP. The word Patwa has been derived from the Hindi word ‘pat’ meaning silk and those involved in the silk and cotton thread business are called Patwas. The Patwa are a mainly Hindu community. Traditionally they were weavers and engaged in jewellery-making business and worked with silver and golden threads. Nadas, Parandi, tassels, pironas of necklaces and payals and rakhis are all examples of the craft.

 This is a tribal craft which has a unique beauty in it self. The craftspersons of patwa tribes string the glass beads in the threads and design beautiful necklaces, hair pins and bracelets. Coloured threads and glass beads attract the eyes of every one.

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