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Celestial Gathering - Molela Terracotta Mural

Celestial Gathering - Molela Terracotta Mural

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Celestial Gathering Molela Terracotta Mural 

Size: 2 x 3 ft ( Size may vary by an inch or two) 

Discover the essence of Molela Terracotta Heritage Craft with our iconic mural featuring Divine Krishna at its heart, crowned by Ganesha above and the Five-Hooded Nagraj below. Surrounded by celestial beings and demigods, this masterpiece promises to captivate in your home entrance, balcony, or living room.

Handcrafted entirely from locally sourced materials, our artisans have meticulously employed traditional techniques to ensure an authentic and heritage-rich creation.

Embrace the cultural charm with this exquisite mural, meticulously handmade to adorn your living space.


Shipping and Installation Charges PAN India are included in the pricing. 

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