Creative Uses for Terracotta Diyas in Modern Homes

Creative Uses for Terracotta Diyas in Modern Homes

Diya holds a special meaning in South Asian religions, be it Hinduism, Jainism, Sikh or Buddhism, as a symbol of good triumphing over evil. The lights shine brightly.

Lighting diya in the place of worship every day is a routine in most homes in India. Lightening a diya represents emerging from darkness and into light, while the diya itself is a symbol of morality and purity. Turning on the lights also represents letting go of negative emotions like anger, greed, and others. The lights are another representation of luck. While oil is now more commonly used, ghee (clarified butter) was once the preferred method of lighting diyas.

Because modernism has permeated every aspect of our lives, decorative diyas are a popular choice nowadays. A wide variety of beautiful diyas are available.

What are these decorative diyas, and how are they distinct from the ordinary diyas?

In all candor, a decorated diya is not much different from a regular diya. An earthen diya with elaborate patterns, forms, and designs is called a decorative diya. Artists use a variety of materials, including clay and wax, to create these diyas. You can find diyas shaped like gods, lovely birds and animals, or even contemporary art.

In many cases, one can observe a cluster of diyas, their intricate connections creating a stunning pattern. On occasion, craftspeople would embellish the diya's walls with stones and various beads. With the lighting end exposed, these diyas are made even easier to use with the prefilled paraffin wax that they come with. So, it's fair to say that modern diyas incorporate elements of both conventional clay diyas and candles. You have two options when the wax runs out: either put additional wax in the diya or replace the wick and oil to keep burning.

What are some lovely diya designs to use for decorations?

Ornamental diyas are everyone's first option these days. There is an overwhelming variety of decorative diyas available online, with designs and shapes that will blow your mind.

Intentionally crafted to exude pleasant, powerful, and soothing energies, these exquisite, refined and sophisticated diyas provide joy and peace to festivalgoers.

Decorative diyas made of terracotta, brass, etc. are among the most beloved options.

What materials are needed to create artistic diyas for use in the house?

Use Your Creativity

Decorative diyas can be easily purchased online from Prospertymirra. You can customize your diya by selecting from a variety of forms, styles, and materials. For a more comprehensive yet lovely look, try placing these ornamental diyas around the outside of the pattern. Use your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind decorative diya.

Paint them

Using acrylic paints is the simplest technique to make attractive diyas. Pick out a pattern that you like and draw its basic outline on the diya. Filling in the design can be done with vivid colors. To further emphasize your design, you might utilize craft materials like glitter.

Use Wax to light them longer

Alternatively, you might use wax to create these diyas. Since oil is costly, wax is a good substitute. Melt some bees wax in a basin or container over low heat. After that, stuff your decorative diya to the brim with hot wax and insert a cotton wick. Just let it cool. If you want to make sure you have enough replacement wax, you can use one earthen lamp as a mold. You can swap out the one in the ornamental diya for a fresh wax one the moment it goes out. If you want your candle to last longer and not go out, coat the wick evenly with wax before submerging it in the wax. Keep in mind that your creativity is the only limitation when it comes to decorative diyas. Think beyond the box and try out some fresh concepts.


Light must triumph over darkness and bad must give way to good. Diyas are a big part of life in India, and there are a lot of options to pick from at the store. Decorative designer diya that are eco-friendly are all the rage now. The small, multicolored lamps are works of pottery magic, and the ethereal light is utterly enthralling. Decorative lamps are available in a wide price range, so it's wise to look around at several stores before settling on one. Get out there and purchase some diyas!

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