Indian Pottery – Spinning a Tale of Utility and Art

Indian Pottery – Spinning a Tale of Utility and Art

Pottery happens to be amongst the oldest forms of handicrafts in India. What sets it apart is that it is a piece of art that can be beautiful to look at, and most pieces of pottery have practical use in day-to-day life. It is due to this that pottery has become synonymous with Indian culture.

Benefits of using Indian pottery

Pottery can be of various types. Basic categorization includes glazed and unglazed types. Based upon the regions they are found in:

• Pokhran is found in Rajasthan
• Kagzi is from Kutch
• Unglazed pottery from Birbhum, Bengal
• Blue pottery from Jaipur
Black pottery from UP

They are unique and well-loved for various reasons by people nationwide.

The most common use of pottery is in cooking. Unglazed pottery, especially those made of terracotta, offers many benefits.

Beneficial to Heart Health

Cooking with too much oil can lead to problems with the heart and liver. Food retains more moisture and natural oils thanks to the slow cooking method and the longer time it takes to cook in these.

Preserves Nutritional Value

Earthen pots keep heat and moisture in. The heat is well distributed throughout the food and helps keep the food's nutritional value. When dealing with meat in an earthenware pot or pan, the meat takes on a softer, more tender texture.

Food is kept safe and healthy

Less oil is required when using terracotta pots and pans. Due to the mild treatment during cooking, the food stays flavorful and relatively healthy. 

Safe for the Environment

Compared to metal cookware, terracotta has less carbon footprint, so it is considered environmentally friendly. Moreover, they are biodegradable!

Easy on the pocket

Even in outlying areas of the country, terracotta pots and pans are widely available. They are available in many sizes and shapes and are much more affordable than their stainless steel or hard anodized aluminium counterparts.

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