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Terracotta Ghoda Bhairav Panel

Terracotta Ghoda Bhairav Panel

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Terracotta Ghoda Bhairav Panel 

Size: 14" H * 9" W (Size may vary by an inch) 

Terracotta Standing Twin Goddesses Panel. Hand-crafted by the skilled Kumhar community of Molela in Rajasthan, this panel features the traditional Kalash design and represents a miniature temple structure. Adorn your indoor or outdoor space with this exquisite piece for a devotional or ethnic touch.

Molela, known as "Devtaon ka Gaun", has received a Geographical Indication tag for its unique terracotta relief work that has been passed down through generations. Embrace the intricate beauty of each handcrafted panel and elevate your decor with this exclusive treasure from Molela, Rajasthan.

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