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Maa Laxmi - Goddess of Prosperity - Terracotta Panel

Maa Laxmi - Goddess of Prosperity - Terracotta Panel

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Maa Laxmi - Molela Terracotta Panel 

Size: 10" W x 15" H 

The Maa Laxmi Terracotta Panel is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from the historic region of Molela in Rajasthan. With a tradition dating back over 600 years, this exquisite piece exemplifies the craftsmanship of the Kumbhk​ar community, renowned for their expertise in terracotta artistry.

Recognized by the Government of India with a prestigious GI tag, this panel not onl​y showcases its genuine origins but also ​r​eflects its cultural importance.

Crafted ​entirely from locally sourced clay, each panel is a unique work of art, bearing the mark of its handmade creation. Therefore, slight variations in size and design are to be expected, adding to the charm and individuality of these handcrafted pieces.

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