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Incised Terracotta unglazed Canister - Owl theme

Incised Terracotta unglazed Canister - Owl theme

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6" D * 5 " H ( without lid) 9" H with lid

Experience the exquisite craftsmanship of skilled artisans in India as they meticulously handcraft these one-of-a-kind, unglazed terracotta canisters adorned with charming owl motifs. Add a delightful and whimsical touch to your kitchen shelves with these unique pieces. Embrace the rustic and earthy aesthetic of these jars, perfect for storing and serving a variety of delectable treats such as cookies, coffee, salt, sugar, honey, or jam. Rest assured, these canisters are made with 100% natural materials, bringing a truly authentic and eco-friendly element to your home.

Instructions for Usage:
1. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to immerse the product in water for a duration of 10 minutes prior to its initial use.
2. Following the immersion, allow for complete drying before commencing usage.

Cleaning Guidelines:
* Thoroughly rinse the item with warm water.
* Allow for thorough drying before proceeding with refilling.
* It is advised to refrain from employing abrasive substances or soap during the cleaning process.

* Not for Dishwasher or Microwave


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