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Gundiyali Terracotta Trivet 2 - Set of 2

Gundiyali Terracotta Trivet 2 - Set of 2

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Gundiyali Terracotta Trivet 2 - Set of 2

Material - Clay

Paint - Acrylic

Size: 7" Diameter , 0.5" H

Weight: Approx. 500 gm each

Modern Boho Painted Trivet is co-created with artisans in Gundiyali to your modern day living. These finely incised trivets offer a modern boho abstract design making this the perfect blend of elegant style with versatile function.

Use and Care:

* Clean it with damp cloth

* Do not use scrubber

* Not Food Safe

* Not for microwave or dishwasher use

About the craft:

The Gundiyali village is mainly known for its painted Matkas (Earthen Pots) and over time the artisans have also developed products to meet modern and urban requirements although their production process has remained the same. Gundiyali Pottery can be identified by it's smooth finish, it's deep red shade and it's painting work.
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