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Goddess with a Baby - Terracotta Plaque 18" H

Goddess with a Baby - Terracotta Plaque 18" H

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Goddess with a BabyTerracotta Plaque

Size: 18" H * 12" W ( Approximate size. variation of 1 or 2 inches is expected)

Terracotta Relief-work Work Plaque from Molela, Rajasthan

Molela - a small village near Nathdwara, Rajasthan is known as " Devtaon ka Gaun" among local tribal communities for Kumhar Community of Molela supply terracotta deities plaques and figurines to these communities from generations.

Molela has received Geographical Indication tag for its terracotta relief work as it is the only place in India where such unique style of terracotta craft has developed.

Every plaque is handcrafted hence, unique.

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