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Sawai Madhopur Elephant Trio Spice Pinch

Sawai Madhopur Elephant Trio Spice Pinch

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Sawai Madhopur Elephant Trio Spice Pinch

Size: 5" W * 3" H

Material: Locally sourced clay & Other natural material. 

This product is meticulously crafted by skilled traditional artisans, ensuring a 100% handmade creation. Its versatility knows no bounds, allowing it to serve various purposes. Whether used as a spice pinch pot, an organizer for your dressing unit, or even as a diya (lamp), this product will captivate you with its understated elegance.

Please note that slight irregularities in design and color are inherent characteristics of handcrafted pieces, further emphasizing their unique nature.

It is important to highlight that this product should not be used on gas stoves or in microwaves.

Originating from Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, the pottery work of this region boasts a distinctive style. The double-firing technique employed during the manufacturing process may result in certain areas remaining untouched by smoke, leaving behind a reddish mark. This, however, only adds to the individuality of each piece.

To ensure proper usage, please follow the instructions below:

1. Getting started:
- Soak the pinch pot overnight prior to its first use.
- Once soaked, allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

2. Cleaning:
- Thoroughly rinse the pot with hot water.
- Utilize a light scrubber (or coconut coir) and add one tablespoon of salt to scrub the pot.
- After scrubbing, use a cotton cloth to wipe the pot clean.
- Ensure the pot is completely dry before its next use.

Please refrain from using soap or detergent as they can penetrate the pores of the pot and subsequently contaminate your food.

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