Decorative Plates

A Guide to Choosing and Styling Decorative Wall Plates

Wall plates can be quite an addition to your space if you seek something unique. These can serve as your wall decor, shelf decor, living room decor and much more. How you style it and put it on display completely depends on you.

Choosing and Styling Your Perfect Wall Plates Guide

Here are a few factors to consider should you feel confused.


Choosing a piece of decor is all about having it be the focus of the room or adding to it in an effective way. When it comes to choosing a wall plate, make sure it matches your aesthetic. It can be quirky, simple, bright or bold as you deem suitable.


The way a decor is placed can make or break the look. Place it in a way such that it complements the existing interior. There are various ways wall plates can be displayed.

These may include keeping it on a stand, placing it on a bookshelf, using adhesive made for the purpose, hanging it on the wall to make a mini gallery display and much more.


The size of the wall plate can have an impact on the way one styles it. It is imperative that elaborate and detailed pieces that are larger size be provided with a space of their own.

Filling up empty spaces and walls with these can be a perfect solution. An appealing gallery display can be created with just a few pieces of wall plates of varying sizes. A few plates can also be color coordinated to add to existing aesthetic and much more.


Wall plates can be made from a number of materials. This impacts its look and aesthetic. It is imperative that you ensure that it is suitable for the interior of your space. Experiment with a number of different placements and ways to display things in order to determine which one works best in your space.


Playing around with various shapes can always be an interesting experience. It is always possible to create an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye by juxtaposing different shapes in such a way that they fit together.


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