Home Decor Ideas – 3 Ways to Include Black Pottery in Your Interior

Home Decor Ideas – 3 Ways to Include Black Pottery in Your Interior

Are you thinking of completely redecorating your living room but don’t know where to start or what decorations to buy? Most people often reach for decorations like ceramic vases or earthenware. However, if you want your interior to be as unique as your personality, you should consider incorporating Black pottery in your design. Black pottery is made by artisans from all over India, using black clay or specific firing techniques that give the product its deep black colour. Here are some ways to incorporate these unique pieces in your rooms.

The 3 Best Ways to Use Black Pottery in Your Home

Light up the darkness with lamps!

Black pottery lamps can be used to add diffused lighting to your room. The cutout design allows light to spill through, creating beautiful patterns on your wall and floor. Some designs have to rest on a flat surface for it to exude its charm, while you can simply incorporate others into your garden.

Store your snacks in unique jars!

Black pottery jars have intricate designs inspired by Indian animals. These multi-purpose containers can be used in the kitchen or your dresser as a storage item.

Liven up your teatime with intricate utensils!

Utensils made from black pottery have their unique charm. Each piece has a painstakingly carved design and can be used as a functional utensil or an item for decor. 


Black pottery pieces come with both intricate craftsmanship and rich history. They are easy to incorporate into interior designs. Sadly, despite their exquisite designs and cultural value, it is a dying art form. This is why you should buy pottery from Prosperity Mirra, which aims to bridge the gap between traditional artists and art enthusiasts. Incorporate Black pottery pieces into your space today and elevate its elegance!

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