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The Giver - Mata ni Pachhedi Painting (17” * 12”)

The Giver - Mata ni Pachhedi Painting (17” * 12”)

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Size: 17” * 12”

The artwork showcases the revered Shetrunjayi maa or Goddess Shetrunjayi distributing grain as a symbolic representation of abundant prosperity. The skilled artisans have masterfully portrayed the goddess in a grandiose, larger-than-life size, highlighting their unwavering faith in their community's family Goddess, known as Kuldevi. People from diverse backgrounds, alongside birds and animals, flock to the deity seeking to fulfill their heart's desires.



  • For size refer to painting description.
  • Mata ni Pacchedi paintings are hand-painted and naturally dyed and one-of-a-kind.
  • The colors and shapes may differ slightly from the digital images provided.
  • For your convenience, we will ship the paintings in a folded form without frames.
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