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Terracotta Condiment or Dry fruits holder

Terracotta Condiment or Dry fruits holder

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Size: 8.5" L*8.5" W* 6" H, Each bowl: 4" D * 3.5" H

Made with natural clay, this condiment/dry fruit holder is sure to level up aesthetic of your table.

100% handmade by traditional artisans of Pokhran, Rajasthan, this holder is a reminder of rich diversity that the craft of Pottery offers. Each region has its unique style, evolved through ages that narrates stories of surrounding elements and type of clay that the particular region offers.

Prosperity intends to bring such beautiful, innocent and humble terracotta wares to you in the same form that they have been used by traditional rural communities.

  • Slight irregularity in design and colour is the sign of a handcrafted piece.
  • Not to be used on Gas stove or microwave.
  • This rustic, authentic and beautiful product has been crafted by hands by traditional artisans. In many cases they are traditionally used within their own rural communities.
  • Pottery work from Pokhran, Rajasthan has its distinct style. While firing their wares, potters sprinkle ash on them, Hence products are whitish in colour. This indicates that the product is brand-new. After a wash or two, the shade changes from whitish to terracotta shade.

How to Use:

Getting started

  • Soak this piece overnight before first use
  • Next morning, let it dry completely after which it is ready for use


  • Rinse well with hot water
  • Put one tablespoon salt and scrub the pot with a light scrubber (or coconut coir)
  • Wipe it with cotton cloth and let it dry completely
  • Place the inverted lid at the bottom of the pot with a paper towel in between (to let it breathe)
  • Make sure it is completely dry before you put it away for a longer period as mold may form in a damp pot that is stored for long periods.
  • If mold develops, apply a paste of equal parts baking soda and water and leave it on at least 30 minutes, then brush, rinse well, and let it thoroughly dry, preferably in bright sunlight

Note: Do not use soap or detergent. They will soak into the pores and seep into your food.


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