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Round - Incised Handi ( 500 ML)

Round - Incised Handi ( 500 ML)

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Doesn’t this look like a treasure box? This intricately incised Dahi-Handi (curd setter) is indeed a treasure box of taste and nutrition.

Sculpted by traditional artisans of Pokhran, Rajasthan, this terracotta curd setter is a reminder of rich diversity that the craft of Pottery offers. Each region has its unique style, evolved through ages that narrates stories of surrounding elements and type of clay that the particular region offers.

Pokhran has a unique kind of clay which differs in strength and colour from any other regions.

Prosperity intends to bring such beautiful, innocent and humble terracotta wares to you in the same form that they have been used by traditional rural communities.

Use this handi as a curd setter, cookie jar or jewellery box; get creative with this soulful handi.

Match this with other sizes or styles of Handi from Pokhran.

Capacity: 500 ML ( Approximately)

Size: 6" Diameter, 5" H (with lid)

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