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Kupadi Terracotta Hanging Vase

Kupadi Terracotta Hanging Vase

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Size: 10" L* 5" W* 12" H. Length with cord - 33" (Inch) 

Terracotta Traveller's flask locally known as 'Kupadi' in Pokhran region is one of the utility item which has ageless design. One can find this design in various times of history and civilizations. 

People of Pokhran used to use this flask to carry water or camel's milk or liquor on their journey to find grass for cattles or to trade their produces. 

Prosperity presents this ageless Kupadi as a hanging vase. Grow pathos or arrange flowers in this hanging vase which is also a piece of history. 

It comes with handcrafted rustic cord and painted by our in house artisans to give it a more contemporary look. 


Each piece is handcrafted so may vary in size, design and shade slightly. 

It can be used as water bottle too as it is made of natural material. 

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